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Management practices or processes that lead to world class, superior performance.

Fletcher Challenge

The elements of best practice that lead to superior performance in technology projects have been the foundation of a generation of methodologies from James Martin's Information Engineering, DSDM, Agile to the Rational Unified Process which uses the latest unified modelling language (UML).

Elements of Best Practice

  • Facilitated business & technology workshops.
  • High level of stakeholder participation.
  • Requirements management incorporating scope definition, traceability and change management.
  • Model driven architecture to visualise requirements.
  • Partitioning and prioritisation for iterative incremental development.
  • Timeboxing.
  • Protoyping to visualise solution proposals.
  • Standard deliverables using templates and examples.
  • Completion criteria to produce consistent quality artefacts.










Strategic Planning
Process Engineering
Business Analysis
Enterprise Architecture
Software Evaluation
Information Management
Workshop Facilitation
Facilitator Training

Stephan Streitberger
Project Manager
Business Analyst
Enterprise Architect
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