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designer DATA works with clients to achieve visionary goals by providing consulting services in the following areas…



Strategic Planning
Vision, mission and strategy to create the emotional difference necessary to achieve success.

The products delivered through this service include business strategy, target operating models, programme definition and project priorities, business cases, issue identification and resolution plans.

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Process Engineering & Business Analysis
Business processes optimised by using technology to either differentiate services compared to competitor offerings or markedly reduce the cost of service delivery.

The products delivered from this service include business cases, business models, process designs, data models, requirements analysis, classification taxonomies, meta-data dictionaries, data standards, prototypes, management summaries and presentations.

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Enterprise Architecture & Portfolio Management
The plan for delivering future operating models covering products & services, business process, organisation structure, through to application architecture and preferred infrastructure. The foundation for managing system asset portfolio investments.

The products delivered with this service include blueprints, road maps, design principles, gap analysis, web services interface design, functional specification and implementation strategy.

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Software Evaluation (RFI & RFP)
A tender process that engenders strong stakeholder ownership, insight into how the solution will improve the business process and the benefits that will be realised through those improvements.

The comparative evaluation including scope definition, benefits, costs, project timescales, scorecard, gaps and process changes necessary for each solution options investigated.

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Information Management
A clear understanding of the Information assets held in corporate systems holds vital business intelligence and basis for reporting balanced score card.

The products delivered with this service include data models, classification taxonomies, meta-data dictionaries, data standards and data quality improvement initiatives.

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Workshop Facilitation
The quickest way to get there with common vision, understanding and commitment.

designer DATA workshops modules cover strategic planning, mission, scenario planning, issue resolution, process design, business analysis and solution architecture design. The modules of each workshop product can be and are, individually tailored to fulfil the unique requirements of each project undertaken.

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Facilitator Training
Increasing customer demands and intense global competition means organizations must implement new initiatives and products rapidly, to remain competitive. Often, the corner stone to delivering new products and implementing new initiatives is the technology solutions developed to administer them. Delivering high quality technology solutions in a dynamic environment represents a major challenge for many IT organisations. Frequently the window of opportunity is missed, due to the lead-time required to plan, design and implement the supporting systems.

Well facilitated workshops can be used to accelerate these activities to significantly reduce the elapsed time of a project. The facilitation techniques & skills training course provides proven workshop methods that will enable participants to:

•  Learn successful workshop techniques for preparing business requirements.
•  Manage and coordinate workshop teams 5 to 20 business participants.
•  Practice under the guidance of an experienced facilitator.
•  Gain experience applying workshop techniques to conduct business analysis.
•  Plan and design your own requirements analysis workshops processes.
•  Understand the elements of good workshop design.

The Facilitator training course is designed for subject matter experts, business analysts, architects, systems analysts, designers, project managers and system clients who are ultimately responsible for leading requirements analysis activities for designing new business processes or technology solutions.

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Strategic Planning
Process Engineering
Business Analysis
Enterprise Architecture
Software Evaluation
Information Management
Workshop Facilitation
Facilitator Training

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